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Current and Hoped for Projects of
A Grain of Hope Foundation, Inc.

A Grain of Hope Foundation, Inc. is a very young organization. Therefore, we do not have a great amount of resources to undertake grand projects. Instead, we need to focus on projects that give us the most "bang for the buck", projects and missions that will help the most with the least amount of money and labor.

We provide aid to those most in need without regard to the recipient's religion or ethnicity. We do not send money directly to individuals, and we do not send money to non-US organizations.

We do not use our resources to build office buildings, buy real estate, or construct houses of worship - these efforts are already addressed by other organizations in your area.

Our flagship project: CLASSZOOM!

Our ClassZoom charity project seeks to help students from low-income households by providing school supplies and school-related items they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Visit our ClassZoom school supplies charitable project page.

If you have an idea for a project, please contact us and let us know - we're listening.